as advocacy

advocates for health equity for children & young people

advocates for school based health service investment

as academics

share resources about best practice in school based health service

share knowledge about implementation and quality improvement

as researchers

reviews what is working and why

develop and evaluation framework or outcomes measures

as workforce development

is a community of learning and practice

Our vision (why)

We envisage a day when all children and young people:

  • have good health literacy
  • have equal access to health services onsite in the school environment
  • are able to access services appropriate to their needs
  • are able to access services that are acceptable to them
  • have a say in the services they receive
  • are supported by their school and family communities to access services

Our people (who)

School-based health service (SBHS) clinicians, practitioners, administrators; community health organisations delivering medical, behavioral, dental, and vision care; school staff and educators-student well-being, teachers, health educators and leadership teams; academics in the field of health and well-being in educational settings and or health services in school settings.

Our approach (how)

Advocate to grow the number and expand the services of SBHCs in Australia and New Zealand. Through education and advocacy for federal and state policies supporting the growth, expansion, and funding of SBHCs, we will expand the number of SBHCs nationally. We will also pursue relationships with national partners and positive media opportunities that raise awareness and support for SBHS.

Grow the school-based health workforce. We will develop strategies to grow the school-based health workforce by working with national and state partners, government organisations, academic groups and philanthropies. 

Disseminate best practices. We will develop a community of practice and knowledge repository in order to share best practices and current information. We provide tailored, in-depth technical assistance and consulting services on a fee-for-service basis to help communities design, plan, operate, and evaluate school-based health care programs. We offer virtual and in-person events and activities.

Our goals (what)

  • Maintain and grow the reputation of ASBHA as the subject matter experts on school-based health care;
  • Operate a national conference either virtually, in-person, or as a hybrid;
  • Continue to grow our national partnerships and media relationships;
  • Seek new funding (philanthropic and government) for workforce development and electronic data collection; and
  • Seek funding for general operating expenses